Our Company is passionate in developing business applications that are aimed at improving workflow of our clients’ companies. We carefully examine requirements and designs so that we can implement solutions tailored to the client’s individual needs. We then develop advanced applications that ensure the client’s business processes perform seamlessly.

Some of the major applications we develop include: Intranet and Extranet, Customer Relationship Management, Accounting systems, E-learning systems, Project management, Inventory management, and many others.

Some of the solutions we provide are:

  1.  Inventory Management
  2.  Purchases managementAsset
  3.  ManagementAdministration
  4.  ManagementFleet
  5.  Management Property Management Customer
  6.  Relationship Management
  7.  Human Resource Management
  8.  Sales Management
  9.  Overall ERP and Customized Business Reporting & Analysis Point of sale financial system

Housing cooperatives are welfare organizations formed by a group of people with similar interest with the main objective of gathering resources to acquire parcels of land or property for the benefit of individual members. They may construct houses for the members or provide parcels of land for that purpose.


Our HCMS platform offers unmetered accounting and financial reporting capability including cash book, income statements, trial balance, and balance sheet among others. HCMS accounting system allows accounting based on a project or property in additional to the organization’s financial reporting. Get started today for your HCMS

A transportation management system (TMSS) is software that facilitates interactions between an organization's order management system (OMS) and its warehouse management system (WMS) or distribution centre (DC)

We provide technology-enabled transportation solutions and services across Kenya to domestic and multinational companies in logistics, Public transportation, Private transportation and other customized transportation solutions.

We design and develop an integrated solution for complete computerization for educational institutions. Our Education Enterprise Resource Planning software is an integrated, user configurable and dynamic software solution that helps institutions to get a wide detailed variety of summarized information of Administrative, Academic, management, accounting, maintenance and human resource management.

We incorporate the school management software to an online system and mobile application that allows parents to access student’s information and back up the desktop information. Parents need to know their child’s progress and what are they learning at school. School parent portal acts a bridge between the school and the parents.

This software is also meant for SACCOs. Table banking is formed with the main aim of pooling resources from the members and giving members and opportunity to borrow from the pooled resources at affordable interest fee.

This software allows capture of basic details about the members and creation of contribution account for every member of the sacco/chama.

The software captures expenses and income transactions of the chama/sacco. It has also a feature that allows management of the members’ loans applications, approval and disbursement and also manages loan repayments of the loans.

We incorporate the management software to an online system and mobile application that allows members to access information and back up the desktop information. Members need to know the progress of their Sacco/Chama.

Microfinance refers to an array of financial services, including loans, savings, and insurance, available to low-income entrepreneurs and small business owners who have no collateral to qualify for a bank loan.

We have intuitive, flexible and easy to use micro finance loan software that is suitable for the management of microfinance client data and resources. Our Microfinance Software has some of the highest level security with comprehensive technical support and maintenance program services.

We incorporate the management software to an online system and mobile application that allows clients to access information and back up the desktop information.

Our Hospital Management Software is designed and developed for multi-specialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital management and administration processes.
It is developed to help hospitals in managing and maintaining the patient related information in a structured and systematic way.

This software allows entering patient test values and giving tesports to the patients. Accounting could also be maintained in which the billing of patient and the commission of doctor is automatically calculated.